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Ceramic Egg Shaped Grills

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Ceramic egg shaped grills kamodouk
Ceramic egg shaped grills kamodouk
Ceramic egg shaped grills kamodouk

What will you cook?

What Are Kamado Grills?

Kamados have become increasingly popular in recent years due to there versatility and convenience. Many people enjoy the flavour that kamado cooking adds to food as well as the ease of use.

Kamado grills are built with superb craftmanship, boasting an unique ceramic construction and funky looking but functional egg shaped design. The egg shape is an ancient design originating from Japan thousands of years ago based on the rice cookers they used, being modified to add a grill plate to grill and roast meat.

Kamado grills are truly multifunctional allowing you to BBQ, smoke & grill whilst also behaving like a convection oven allowing you to bake and roast to perfection. Ideal for slow-cooking meats, baking breads, and roasting vegetables, they even cook pizza exceptionally well!


Kamado cooking can be an enjoyable experience for both novice and experienced cooks alike. With some practice and patience, anyone can learn how to use a kamado oven and create delicious meals.

Who are KamadoUK?

KamadoUK are UK suppliers of kamado grills with an extensive background knowledge in catering equipment supplies through their parent company JD Catering Equipment Solutions Ltd and BBQing enthusiasts themselves (Just speak to Simon!)

Seeing a rise in popularity of the egg shaped, ceramic grills throughout the professional catering industry, and the expensive big brand names dominating the retail market, JD looked to source an alternative for their customers with the same great craftmanship but with a lower price tag - and KamadoUK was born!

No need to compromise on quality when looking for an affordable kamado for your garden.

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