About KamadoUK Grills

Kamado grills are truly multifunctional allowing you to not only BBQ but to grill, smoke, roast and bake in one. Due to its design they make exceptional pizza ovens too. 

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How Does a Kamado Work?

The oval shaped design of the kamado and its ceramic construction are what give it the advantage over traditional kettle BBQs.

The lid needs to be closed at all times when cooking as this it what creates the current of hot air. This heat then circulates around the ingredients or dish being cooked much like how a convection oven works, only this is charcoal powered!

By closing the lid, you make sure that minimal heat is lost and that the ceramic BBQ maintains the desired temperature.

You therefore remain in full control during the cooking process.


Since air is locked in tightly with the lid closed, your meat remains more tender and juicier than it would cooked on a regular charcoal grill.

What Is The Maximum Temperature a Kamado Can Reach?

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Kamado grills have a wide temperature range spanning from as low as 70c up to 350c allowing for accurate temperature regulation.

They can in fact reach far higher temperatures though this is not necessary and can damage your kamado.

By making use of the air vents you can reduce the oxygen and cook low and slow to get the perfect pulled pork or open the vents fully to get maximum heat for delicious crispy based pizzas.

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Maintenance & Longevity?

Maintenance is simple with a kamado.

Ensure you remove the previous ash before re-igniting to ensure an even temperature.

Clean food debris off your kamado and grill plates after every use. You can do this while the grid is hot still with a grid cleaner or scrubber.

Don't worry about leftover bacteria as the next time you use your kamado the heat will kill off any remaining germs.

DO NOT use a a wire brush on the ceramic as you will cause irreversible damage!

By treating your kamado with care it will last a lot longer than a traditional BBQ.

When leaving outside we recommend you use a cover to protect the regulator and metal parts from rusting.

Guide to 'How to use a Kamado'

We have put together this handy infographic, also available as a downloadable pdf, with tips on how to use your Kamado & Smoker.

Download your guide below.

Infographic about Kamado grills