KamadoUK Fuel & Accessories

Our fuel and accessories guarantee you safe and stylish cooking from top brands such as

Deglon Sabatier and Big K.

Keep your Kamado protected during inclement weather with our Kamado rain cover.

We have secured fantastic prices from our suppliers for your BBQ fuel too.

*Please note* You will be taken to our catering store 'JD Catering Equipment Solutions Ltd' to make your purchase.

KamadoUK is a trading name of JD Catering Equipment Solutions Ltd.

Deglon BBQ Utensil Set 4 pack.jpg

Deglon BBQ Utensil Set

£59.99 Inc VAT

Barbeque in style with this complete utensil set from Deglon Sabatier.

The set includes a fork, knife, spatula and tongs for any BBQ. The handles are made from long Bubinga wood for comfort and style and have a loop on the end for easy hanging. The whole kit comes in a handy travel bag.

Wireless Thermometer KamadoUK.JPG

£39.95 Inc VAT

Wireless range of 100m, featuring two probes - one for food temperature testing and one for oven temperature testing. Can withstand temperatures up to 380c.

c/f temperature display.

Timer function & memory function.

Takes 2x aaa batteries.

aj380_Felt Gasket KamadoUK.jpg

Felt Gasket AJ380

£ 14.66 VAT

Replacement felt gasket.

Dimensions: 5(H) x 1620(W)bx 27(D) mm

Material: Polyacrylonitrile 

Weight: 50g

Kamado Rain Cover Black Friday Deal_edited.jpg

13" £27.50, 18" £31.96, 21" £39.95

Protect your Kamado from the elements.

DA405 Kamado BBQ Grid Gripper.png

£14.50 Inc VAT

Our Kamado Grill Gripper will securely clamp onto any cooking grate to help avoid the mess and potential burn hazard of moving or repositioning a cooking grate.

DA404 Pizza Stone.png

£41.99 Inc VAT

Produce perfectly crispy pizzas with this high quality pizza stone by Buffalo.


14" Ceramic Pizza Stone, also fits 18" and 21" Kamado Grills.


£12.50 Inc VAT

Blade size 17cm x 19cm

Handle length 27cm

Aluminium handle


Pizza Peel/Lifter Aluminium/Wood 80cm EB845

£17.50 Inc VAT

Blade size 23cm x 23cm

Handle length 57cm

Wood handle

18 grill with rotisserie.JPG

Turn your Kamado into a fantastic rotisserie. Sized perfectly to fit into KamadoUK grills with stainless steel skewers. Spit roast whole chickens, joints of meat and whole veggies.

Lumpwood Big K 5kg.jpg

£6.49 Inc VAT

100% Natural Lumpwood charcoal.

Up to 90 minute cooking time, quick to light and ready to cook within 30 minutes. Big K burns cleanly with no additives.

Packed in waterproof bags.

Ideal for home BBQs.

Labtos Marabou Charcoal 12kg KamadoUK.png

£23.99 Inc VAT

Marabou Charcoal is known as the best charcoal type in the world and best for slow roasting. Large Chunks means it’s ideal for all types of BBQ ranges especially drum and kettle grills

Suitable for all types of home and professional barbecuing.