KamadoUK Fuel & Accessories

Our accessories guarantee you safe and stylish cooking from top brands such as

Deglon Sabatier and Tramontina.

Featuring long handles to protect you from the intense heat of your grill, our BBQ utensils are also made  from sustainably sourced wood.

We also have secured fantastic prices from our suppliers for your BBQ fuel too with 5kg Big K lumpwood bags and 15kg Big K restaurant grade charcoal.

£59.99 Inc VAT

Barbeque in style with this complete utensil set from Deglon Sabatier.

The set includes a fork, knife, spatula and tongs for any BBQ. The handles are made from long Bubinga wood for comfort and style and have a loop on the end for easy hanging. The whole kit comes in a handy travel bag.

Tramontina Churrasco

BBQ Meat Tongs 15"

£16.79 Inc VAT

These premium 37cm barbeque meat tongs are a must-have utensil for any BBQ king. Featuring an elegant long handle made from sustainably sourced Brazilian hardwood and cherry wood they ensure you stay safe from intense temperatures. The handle features an ergonomic grip giving you more control when handling thicker pieces of meat.

Tramontina Churrasco

BBQ Skewer 550mm

£10.19 Inc VAT

Featuring a long handle made from sustainable sourced Brazillian hardwood and cherry wood, this skewer keeps your hands away from heat sources at all times, ensuring you stay comfortable and protected when working at intense temperatures.

The sharpened tip and steel construction helps you effortlessly stick meats and other tough ingredients and holding them securely in place for easy cooking.

£6.49 Inc VAT

100% Natural Lumpwood charcoal.

Up to 90 minute cooking time, quick to light and ready to cook within 30 minutes. Big K burns cleanly with no additives.

Packed in waterproof bags.

Ideal for home BBQs.

£23.99 Inc VAT

Marabou Charcoal is known as the best charcoal type in the world and best for slow roasting. Large Chunks means it’s ideal for all types of BBQ ranges especially drum and kettle grills

Suitable for all types of home and professional barbecuing.